Supplier Solicitations

We are very good at taking over contacting, communicating, and getting timely responses from your suppliers for FTA and other compliance documents. Our extremely flexible and business friendly Supplier Solicitation Services enables us to CUSTOMIZE a program for you, no matter what FTA (e.g. US, MX, CA, and others) and other compliance documents you want us to request from your suppliers.

Unlike some commercial software limitations, FOCUS can create any form or document that you need to request from your suppliers.

Our USMCA and FTA Solicitation Services includes:

Document Distribution & Follow Up

We will deliver your requested documents directly to your supplier and follow up to confirm receipt.


Imaging of Documents

As part of our process, all documents received are imaged to guarantee future copies, if requested.


Quality Checks

Quality checks occur on every FTA form or document to ensure no delays in paperwork processing.



Database Input & Updates

We are able make updates directly in our clients databases, and share database updates with both client and/or broker systems.